Tetra - Tetrapol repeaters enhance the radio coverage of national public safety networks

SEE Telecom designs and manufactures repeaters to enhance
the radio coverage of national public safety networks.

Public Safety

SEE Telecom designs and manufactures TETRA repeaters to enhance the radio coverage of national public safety networks.

We provide secure and reliable radio coverage for critical communications for the owners, users and emergency services of confined areas such as tunnels and metros, mines, buildings, airports, offshore industry, etc.

Because each installation is unique, SEE Telecom proposes a complete portfolio of solutions with off-air and optical repeaters, advanced technologies as band selective, channel selective, AGC per time slot, squelch, frequency shifting, WDM, remote monitoring HTTP-SNMP.
Our public safety equipment can be successfully installed and used all around the globe, as our know-how lets us produce repeaters of all dimensions and technical features. SEE Telecom’s indoor coverage solutions can meet all the requirements of any individual public safety network.

SEE Telecom provides repeaters that are homologated to enhance public safety networks.
SEE Telecom’s compact size multi-channel digital repeater
MC-DIRRAC enhances RF coverage in confined areas to enhance the public safety networks with large coverage capability and no near-far effect. The repeaters are easy to install and are operated and controlled by SNMP, SCADA or Ethernet using a web browser.
Also, we produce TETRA repeaters that are customizable to the client’s needs and different state legislations, and they can process any frequencies. Our products meet all the regulatory standards and specifications, such as national public safety and technical requirements.

Country Optimized Products

Whatever the infrastructure you are involved in
SEE Telecom will take care of the radio coverage part of it

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to enhance the RF coverage within the area you operate with the help
of SEE Telecom’s repeaters.
About see smart®

see smart®

see smart® is a concept that combines technology and innovations.
We provide full integration of the systems for the infrastructure complexes in confined areas such as road tunnels, railway tunnels and metros, offshore platforms and in-building. Our team provides a full client-centric process for an end-to-end project from designing to installation and maintenance. From now on, the owners, workers, users and emergency services will benefit from high-quality access to :

  • The national public safety radio network
  • Reliable critical communications
  • Safer construction & maintenance
  • Real-time GPS location
  • Traffic management